• kris
    June 4th

    Last Sunday Alex and I hiked up our fixed freestyle seats and ventured out to Davis for a little #lazysunday BBQ. Knowing we were scoring a free train ride back we packed some beers and made the 10 mile trek out to meet some friends and crush a few brews. A pretty rough ride meant more brew than bikes on arrival but we still managed to squeeze a few tricks out of the day. Definitely went full lazy on this one!



    April 22nd

    Some of the San Jose freestyle kids recently made there way up north for a little spring break road trippin’. A stop in SF and some time in Davis made for a handful of good clips in the mix. Was just out in Davis this past weekend…always a good time!


    March 19th

    Always dig some good bike control and this dude Aaron here has it. A good mix of flat tech and some proper street clips. Bigspin 180 was a favorite. See UC Davis in there looking fun as ever…might have to hit it up this weekend now.



    April 2nd

    I’ve been out to Davis to ride a handful of times but am still stoked every time at the sheer amount of cool shit there is to ride there. You could easily find 30+ decent things to ride on or around campus and could spend a day just riding a small section of the school. It’s just massive. Here’s a few spot Mondo and I hit yesterday…definitely going to be spending some time there this summer catching clips. A few more in the gallery after the click…




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