• kris
    March 8th

    Always stoked for some Still Pour stuff and this afternoon/evening with Mon is perfect for a Friday afternoon. I’m just about off the clock and this is exactly what I do every day…especially after a long Friday. Spot at 1:30 is nothing like what I get to ride on my way home though that for sure. Looks super fun. Always dig stuff from these guys.


    May 1st

    Pretty nifty day in the life piece right here. Kind of long but pretty much shows you what its like to live each day the way you want to. I can dig it.

    February 19th

    “Day in the Life” videos are seriously at the top of my list of things to watch. Just something about seeing life through someone’s perspective. Or the perspective of someone else looking at the perspective of someone’s life. Whatever haha. Its way better when it revolves around art, bikes and music. If you didn’t know Matthieu-Viktor Lifschitz before…now you do!

    January 24th

    I dig little “day in the life” type videos like this. Just some mellow riding and such as you look at what someone’s life is like. I find them interesting anywho!