• kris
    August 13th

    Snow sent me over this one last night of Nick Koo for Deal With It. Some really sick creative stuff in here so you know I’m into it. Tire bonk fakie wheelie off that ledge is too sick! Peep the whole thing through as it well worth the watch. Ill be out that way this weekend yall!

    August 9th

    Matt uploading more sick flicks with this one of Snow grinding up and down a power pole wire in Oakland. Dig the angle on this and the timing. Snow keeping it creative for Deal With It finding weird stuff to hit and making it look good.

    August 3rd

    I caught this yesterday on Deal With it and really wanted to get it up. Site login issues prevented that but now I can share this with yall. Tree rides are still one of my favorite tricks to do. Not sure on why but I’m thinking it has something to do with loving to climb trees as a wee one. Snow’s getting pretty vertical on this one. Pulled this from Matt’s flickr so make sure to check that too. Solid dudes.

    May 14th

    Hands down my favorite edit for some time. This is exactly the kind of riding I like to watch and do. I’m actually kind of bummed I’m at work after watching this haha. Creativity and some weird spots make this one entertaining throughout. Way sick one from Matt and thanks to Snow for sending it over…so damn good dude! I’ll be out in SF in the next week or two so we’ll have to shred. Hell, maybe I’ll even bring my skimboard haha.