• kris
    June 30th

    Dave Beard just upped an old post that slipped under the rug featuring some cool black and whites from Destroy Bikes warehouse. He snapped some good stuff while at the Redwood City bike builders space. Sean and the dudes down there definitely run a rad shop cranking out everything from fixed freestyle frames to track bikes. More on Dave’s spot!


    May 15th

    The dudes over at Destroy just upped some new product into the webstore. Two signature frames with Lino’s Brainiac and Kenny Arimoto’s Zoerosen plus some sticker and a re-up on tanks. Hop over to scoop some up!


    October 20th

    Hell yeah for some new stuff from J Schual. This kid is a beast and this welcome to Destroy bit is real good. Like that he has a mix of styles in this and does it well.  Feeble 180 oppo feeb was nuts.





    May 25th

    Looks like our man Gnarlos got some really good clips the other day at the park while working on his switch game and dialing in some combos. Not only is his riding amazing in this, the filming and editing go right along with it! Really hyped on this short edit dude! Excited to see more…

    February 20th

    My name is Alex-Gnarlos-Carlos whateverthefuck, and for some reason Kris gave me the keys to drive this bloggy so I’m going to be picking my brain of all the old nostalgic things that I love about this “sport”. These bikes have really come a long way since 23c’s, barspin clearance and Sugino cranks, so I’m going to be working my way back in time and displaying whatever is currently on my mind.


    Daniel really has some insane talent, bike control and diversity. He’s also been pedaling nonstop since the early Trick Track days and happens to be a fellow team rider. He’s one of those guys who can throw a pedal 180 followed by a switch pedal and you couldn’t tell the difference. It’s rare to find a pegless rider with the same mentality of one running pegs.
    This edit may be only about a year old but already falls into the timeless category because of the level of skill shown in merely a minute.
    Don’t beleeb me juh watch.

    And obviously, DESTROY BIKES don’t fuck around.

    September 2nd

    This is what I was able to grab at the Man Up! jam yesterday put on by _deadwood_ and BHSK. Had a blast watchng everyone and was stoked to be a judge. Everyone who rode went hard and I’d say some of the best tricks of any event went down. All street spots. All sick dope riders. All one damn good day.

    December 23rd

    Here’s yet another solid piece from Phil Will and Sam Clark. A little bit on Phillip’s Masochist frame from Destroy. Thing looks super clean and the tricks in here are bangin. Stay tuned for a nice little exclusive interview with the dude later! There’s a shot below from the interview photos Sam took to tease you a bit…