• kris
    September 6th

    Devin is not only a master of the lens but a definite shredder when it comes to riding street. Here’s a rad shot of him hitting this ramp to rail hop from his flickr. So sick.



    August 5th

    Two of Portland’s finest in this Still Pour split edit. Saw that Taylor was upping this earlier and knew we were in for something. Devin’s stall 2:59 looked dirty as hell and Taylor slays the caveman game.Give this one a couple of clicks through its real good.



    May 9th

    So I’ve had a little something in the works with the Still Pour dudes and Mon especially as of late. However, Devin caught this flick on the Sunday after Ride + Style and it pretty much captures what the weekend was all about. Homies, good people and getting together to support what you love. This group shot is really what’s good. We ran to the streets to get this a couple times in between traffic lights and it was totally worth it. FGFS 2013 bitches.

    February 22nd

    Devin Tolman with quick one for Still Pour. This l0oks a lot like the last clip in this right here.  Except a whole lot mossier.


    February 12th

    Speaking of Tolman…he and the Still Pour dudes showed the Destroy dudes a good time while up there. Some rad riding stuff on his flickr stream as well. Looks sick up there!






    January 31st

    Hell yeah for some new Still Pour. Some of my favorite stuff to watch. Devin has some real dope stuff in here. Rail is sick but I’m liking the wall stalls and tire taps in here. Real good stuff Ramon.