• kris
    December 23rd

    The Turf dudes coming through with a dope trailer for their upcoming Word Is Bond flick. Good clips in this means a solid full length is on the way. Sprocket stall was too sick and Matt Reyes doing the editing proper as usual. Keep an ear on Turf for more.


    October 28th

    CFTY 3 is just about ready so we get yet another dope part from issue. Devon had one of the best parts in the last flick and if you don’t get the Marc Johnson homage you’re slippin’. Enough style on his bars to go around plus he makes most of this stuff look effortless. Stay on Chop ‘Em Down for more info!





    August 5th

    Such a good shot of the Wheel Talk dudes from Seitaro. Matt whipping it like no other and Devon Holding it down with a flat tire bar. More on WT.



    June 17th

    Looks like Reyes and Lawson are heading to Japan this August to take part in the 9 States JAM. Definitely going to be one hell of a time heading overseas and getting to shred some new stuff. More on this as it gets closer I’m sure but until then hit the Devour Films spot.





    June 11th

    Spotted a couple of fresh flicks on the Wheel Talk spot of Devon hitting a lengthy 180. Hit the WT spot for a rad sequence of the same shot up by Seitaro. That’s a lengthy hop and a shitty landing for sure!


    May 29th

    When you travel there’s almost 100% chance that you’ll be coming home with a cache of photos. Many of the images will meet their demise sitting on your hard drive until your computer takes a crap. Luckily that’s not always the case as with the few randoms that popped up on Sountrack. This big bar from Devon and Antonyo’s ice from a trip last year are just a couple of the goods from their spot so hop over.


    April 16th

    The dudes aren’t models but they sure can strike a pose. Matt’s been posting up some recent flicks of some of the crew and their rides. Combs, Matt and Devon all posted up in front of some rad SF walls for some shots with theirs whips. Some of the most solid dudes in the game right here. Last shot of Anthony he’s repping that Breezy stuff as he’s been swooped up to rep them. Hit Wheel Talk for more good.




    February 21st

    Well this came out faster than I expected. The dude’s straight kill it in this!Combs literally raising the roof and Devon’s next level bars. This is too damn good. Bout to watch it again. Good stuff Matt!


    February 12th

    After posting that Tollman edit last week I started going through older stuff and rewatching it. This Lawson Grime piece was sick I still remember thinking how next level this was. Devon killing it from the get go in his first Grime bit. Rewatch.



    February 6th

    I was thinking yesterday that we needed to see some new Wheel Talk stuff right about now. Next day Matt delivers with this gem of all the dudes stuff from January. So much good in here. Nose bonk X from Slum was fresh. Devon’s 180 bar street gap was so sick too. Anddd Mike is a beast. Riding while recovering…nuts. I dig.