• kris
    September 21st

    Teppei has long been one of the smoothest fixed freestyle riders and still holding it down on 700c to boot. Easily my favorite edit of his with the bench walk leg-over skid and some smooth pegless grinds. Fast skids still too on point as well and I always dig a good look at Fukuoka city spots…not to mention great work on the edit from Devour!


    October 28th

    A rad look at Japan’s Shiokaze fixed freestyle jam coming in from Devour Films. Crazy to think that this year marked the 7th and final year for the event that has been a staple on the freestyle scene. A bit of history and a rad send off from the Devour crew!


    September 16th

    Holy shit this is some gnarly stuff from Devour. Say’s welcome edit to Enishy starting off with one of the craziest crashes I’ve seen. Ever. Some good clips from when he was out here in SF to finish it off. Heal up dude!




    June 17th

    Looks like Reyes and Lawson are heading to Japan this August to take part in the 9 States JAM. Definitely going to be one hell of a time heading overseas and getting to shred some new stuff. More on this as it gets closer I’m sure but until then hit the Devour Films spot.





    June 7th

    One of my favorite blog posts to keep up on are these “Through Say’s Eyes” flicks from Seitaro on Devour. Some really good shots both candid and action from sessions he went out on. Caught some good ones of the dudes here stateside like this crook pop over of Mike and feeb tuck no of Dew. I dig these for the because they’ve got that in the moment feel with Reyes and Schmitt looking on. More gems on Devour!


    May 26th

    Japan’s biggest Fixed Gear Freestyle event! This event has been going on for four years running now, and only seems to get bigger and funner every time. DevourFilms killed it with the coverage of everything!

    Osaka Funny took first, and by the footage he deserved it, I remember first watching footage of him years ago of him killin’ it and then it seemed he had fallen off, BUT he obviously was practicing to destroy this event. Now 2nd place, TOYO, I’ve never heard of him before this but he kills it! Reminded me of Boothby with that full face on. Last but not least Nasty took 3rd! There looked to be some heavy competition this year!


    Excited for next years! Who wants to fly to Japan for that?! I’m definitely thinking about it

    April 23rd

    Spotted this one last night from RSK and Suzkid. Dig the tandem lines in this and there’s some dope rails toward the end. That big pyramid looking thing at 1:39 looks so damn fun too. Devour been keeping the good ones coming lately.




    April 17th

    Its always sick when people show up in your city from somewhere far off. Saytaro of Devour is in SF right now and ran into Matt and the Wheel Talk dudes and kicked it for a bit. After nomming on some delicious pizza…can you tell I’m hungry?…he caught some clips of Reyes at the island doing his thing. He just makes shit look so easy. Dig this.




    April 15th

    Here’s a couple more from Devour keeping these quick videos coming. Pretty sure the Shonen bit is a re edit but hadn’t seen the Suzkid one yet. Spotted Seitaro of Devour on Reyes instagram feed a bit ago cruising SF. Maybe we’ll get a few more more of these quick jams with some dudes from the bayyy.