• kris
    June 1st

    It’s been a super long time since I did one of these…but you’ll start seeing these on here a bit more often as we go out and shoot with real cameras. Some fun from last weeknd with Alex, Rad and Nick. Real cool dirt spot tucked away off the bike trail. You’ll be seeing more from this spot here soon! Good times despite about a million or so mosquitoes.

    February 29th

    There’s always that thought going through my head when I post up teasers…will this every really come to fruition? Sounds harsh but the reality of a lot of “teasers” is that they end up forgotten about. This one right here though I’m really hoping turns into something. Four dudes on four different kinds of bikes riding the same stuff. Would make for a really cool video if not even for the visuals of the different styles one could use at a spot. Dig this for sure!

    February 16th

    This is do dope! Dirt trails are so fun on fixed…hell even on road bike haha. Gotta love the black and white too. Well at least you know I do!

    May 27th

    Some dirty fun from the Mixt Meat dudes. Spotted on the Zloggster. Riding dirt has become a new favorite of mine…there are so many fun spots here in sac to hit be it jumps or just straight trailin. Just something about smashing through some trees or getting lofty on the fixed that is so fun. Get to if you havent tried it!