• kris
    June 4th

    So sick to see this! Jake and Jeffery have been coming out to just about everything that happens bike wise here in sac. Corey should be in this too but it looks like he was catchin’ everyone. Definitely getting some skills dudes…keep at it. Check their spot out at For The Hype. Now ive gotta roll over to dirty bank for a bit..thanks.

    November 10th

    We’ve all been pretty bust lately with school and work…thus not too much fun footage. Theres actually a lot of stuff thats been missed because we’re just having too damn much fun. Eh…oh well! Ha. Will be filming some stuff for Bootleg 4 here in the next month so we’re pretty excited about that! Anywho…heres some randomness.

    October 20th

    A few shots from yesterday. It rained most of the day until about 4 pm. As soon as it let up Chris and I headed out to wander around. Looked for some new stuff to ride and ended up at one of the usual spots. We did however, have quite a bit of fun playing in traffic on some gaps and pads last night.

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    October 6th

    A few from the past few days…most of ’em turned out super noisy or blurry. Oh well. Not resized either…hah.

    Sac Lunch.

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