• kris
    August 6th

    I haven’t done a post like this since I made my hip pouch a couple years back so I though it was about time to do another little something.

    For most of you the pegs on your pedals probably aren’t an issue you have to deal with. Since I don’t roll with foot retention the pegs that come on my pedals are pretty important for setting up for and keeping my with me during tricks. I find my pedals getting pretty slippery from grinds and general wear pretty often, especially since going pegless again. If you’re running FRS your strap side of your pedals should be pretty fresh as far as this goes. However, there are a few people who run one strap or are looking for a little extra grip at the pedal. I decided to see what I could do with my pedals before scrapping them and below is what I came up with (click through for the rundown and some flicks).

    Problem: Pedals are super slippery.

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    May 18th

    Well obviously this isn’t actually made by Eighthinch…but they certainly helped me in making it haha. For whatever reason mother nature decided to taunt us with nice warm weather lately…then pee on us for the past few days. I’ve never owned a fender and usually just do something similar to this when I need one. Works perfectly! Ha. Maybe ill do a post on how to make one out of plastic or something…

    November 11th

    This is the first of hopefully a few of these types of posts…not promising any really unique or incredibly cool ideas but just some things that work. I made this hip pouch last summer and rocked it for a good while and found it to be pretty convenient, especially for how easy it was to make. Keep in mind that I did all this stitching by hand and with not much practice…hence it looking a bit crappy haha. If you were to use a sewing machine for this itd probably be done real quick and look a bit better. The pictures probably do a better job explaining what i did but i tried getting it down as best i could with words. I may make a few of these to put in the store if theres some interest…for something like $20. Make sure you read through the whole post! Its a tad long but everything is there. Anywho…


    – Pant leg left over from making some super hip cutoffs.
    – Key lanyard with a buckle (this ones from Disneyland ha).
    – Needle and thread or sewing machine.
    – Time to kill.
    – Beers?

    Step 1: Cutting Length.

    Measure and cut material to length keeping in mind you’re going to need it long enough for a folding flap. I think i cut mine at about 10 inches. Length is mostly a matter of preference…depending on how deep you want the pouch to be.

    Step 2: Sealing the Beast.

    After cutting your length turn the pant leg inside out and stitch across one end to create the bottom of the pouch. On mine i closed up the end i cut to have a cleaner look, using the hemmed end for the top of the pouch, and make it easier to sew by having less to stitch through. Hell, maybe you want it looking all nasty up top…stitch up the other end if so.

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    August 16th

    rotterdam fixed gear has some cool photos of some home made SPD shoes. Pretty neato.


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