• kris
    July 15th

    Stefan “Fish” Vis has quick become a force to be reckoned with. From appearing at the major tack criteriums to conquering gravel grinders this dude does it all. No Road Left Behind will give us a closer look at how Fish keeps the wheels moving through the major crashes and long days on the road. After having to cancel a trip to Colorado with Stefan earlier this year (Red Hook crash!)  you can bet I’ll be waiting for this one to drop. Pop over to stay updated!




    December 18th

    Not entirely sure if this made it around when it released but I do see some familiar faces in this rad documentary from England’s OMC. Cool words and clips from OG’s like Andy Ellis of Fixed Mag and the always great Super Ted. Really dig the walk through at the Reynolds in the mix as well. Harken back to the golden days of “tarck” across the pond in this three part series that really deserves another look or two!




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    May 4th

    Jeffy D’s brother Bryan put together a cool profile on some of the Wheel Talk dudes for a class project. A good mix of interviews from Schmitt, Wonka and Reyes plus plenty of dope clips. Worth a couple clicks and hit WT for more form these guys.



    December 4th

    I don’t care how cliche this video might sound to some…its spot on. Can’t believe I missed this a few days back but its going to be good. Can’t wait to see the finished product! Hopfully I can get a showing of this here in Sac but either way I need to peep it and you should too. Murder of Couriers. There’s a bunch more of these released on youtube…check those too.

    July 19th

    Over a year ago I posted up a trailer for what looked to be a really promising fixed documentary called Fixation. I just got word that you can now buy the video and peep it on netflix! There’s a few familiar faces in the flick from the fixed cycling world and it claims to capture all sorts of riding from messengers to trick heads. Hit up the official site to grab a copy and peep the trailer I posted way back when below. I’ll definitely be checking it out asap and hopefully be showing it next month for the lockedcog 4 year event!

    FIXATION Official Trailer from Alex Trudeau Viriato on Vimeo.

    June 13th

    Hell yeah for stuff like this. I’ve long been a people watcher and interested in seeing what makes people tick. Documentary type flicks like this are perfect for taking a look into what life is like in other parts of the world. Here’s what is up from Rayong out in Thailand!

    Bombay Documentary of rayong Rider Thailand. from RONIN29. on Vimeo.

    May 14th

    Caught this on Friday but didn’t get around to posting it…looks like it blew up since then! Really well done documentary on messengers in Brussels. If you haven’t watched this already you really should peep it. This really makes you realize how different we have it here in the states. I mean we definitely have congestion issues in some of our larger cities but nothing like this. Also crazy to think that there are almost no bike couriers in such a dense city when there are about 15 of us here in Sacramento. The shooting and editing on this are way good. Think this will have to be part of a bike movie night here pretty soon.

    April 10th

    Amazing work as per usual Rapha style. Some seriously good shooting, editing, art and the tunes are dope with Mogwai. I pasted the video description below but you’ll have to check the Rapha spot t see the full version. Trust me it’s worth it. Duh.

    Visual artist Antony Crook, in collaboration with Rapha and RSA Films, presents Knock for Knock.

    Shot in Tokyo, with a soundtrack from Mogwai and a script written by long-distance cyclist James Bowthorpe, the film represents a sportsman’s fight against his inner demons.

    “We thought of this as a sequel to 30 Century Man [Crook and Bowthorpe’s last collaborative film] – a journey again… Knock For Knock looks inwards, into memory, into fear and fighting it.”
    – James Bowthorpe

    April 4th

    If you’ve read the blog for any amount of time you’ll know I’m rather close with the dudes from Toro and often collaborate with them on events and such. Being that we’re all good friends and from the same little city of Sacramento we’ve decided to work together to bring yall some solid products as well as audio visual entertainment. Here’s the first significant post from the Toro blog as a taste of things to come. The dudes got this together for an event we had toward the end of last year and now we’d like to share it with everyone. Below is a little blurb I wrote for their blog and of course a solid little video that had a lot of time put into it…check the Toro spot out for more goodies!

    For anyone that’s put the time into building up their own bike know’s that it can be quite the process. Deciding on components, sourcing the goods and finding the time to bring it together into a ridable rig can be exhausting. However, the payoff is well worth it when you’re riding around on something born of your own two hands.

    Last summer Kevin decided to take the plunge and build something he’d be proud to be rolling on. Not because it looked flashy or cost a grip of money but rather for the fact that he himself made it happen. For anyone who knows what goes into building something like this we’d like to share it with you. For the rest of you…here’s a look into Kevin’s process and a look at a hot bike.

    December 23rd

    This is pretty neat! Looks like an interesting watch for sure. Dude’s got his Mixie hooked up pretty good no doubt. Definitely going to try finding out more about when this will be up or available to watch.