• kris
    February 7th

    Some fun stuff in this one from DFBS! Another one repping the Detroit scene…stoked to see some more from them. You know that rooftop looks super duper fun! We need some collapsed buildings here in Sac to ride!

    January 31st

    Keeping the Detroit scene alive out there repping DPH! Shea and Will moved to some different climates so these dudes are holding it down. I couldn’t imagine riding in the snow like that. Frozen Milwaukee once was enough for me haha. That rail there at the end looks super fun! Dig it duders.

    December 5th

    Some sick stuff right here Rick and DPH! Super creative and some gnar gnar in there too. I dig this one. Definitely a watch then go ride kind of piece.

    April 6th

    A fun one from DPH with some play time on the box. Quad pegs do look fun and yet i dont understand why its often considered “not okay” to run four. I mean you can do more stuff right?! Going to pick me up a couple more! I like that Shea used the word diddy in the description for this. I also like that he used a Tera Melos song. I also also like that the dogs name is digit. Dig it.

    March 24th

    Will’s sick of it all so he went ahead and did a video check on his Eighthinch Butcher haha. Really though, i can relate on all accounts. Im sick right now, its pouring outside with violent winds and i have a ton of homework to finish by midnight. So if you’re feel a bit out of it peep Will’s bike check to keep you stoked on riding…warmer weather will be here soon enough.

    January 6th

    Fun piece from Shea at DPH right here. Some of these spots look so sick! That rolling wall, those smooth kickers and that crazy ledge spot with stuff all over?! Some solid riding in this man keep it up!

    December 13th

    Shea from DPH with some fun times in Toronto. Looks real cold up there but just as fun! Spotted at TTv.

    November 30th

    Some fresh clips and fun with the DPH crew!

    November 15th

    I missed this bro mash while i was in SF this weekend…fresh stuff from the DPH boys. Bumpin’ The Cool Kids…i can dig it.

    November 9th

    New stuff from Will and DPH. Nice to see the Butcher getting worked! Last two tricks are real proper man…good stuff duder!