• kris
    February 18th

    Past week has felt a little like vacation with a day off for Lincoln’s birthday last week and the three day weekend for President’s day. Here’s a few flicks from Phil’s trip up to shred, riding around for work, bikes and some chill rides on the days off. Kind of digging doing this series because you can’t be flooding that instagram feed! (ew).


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    October 2nd

    Saw these Fyxation six pack caddys at iBike this year and was definitely into them. If you’re looking to haul some brew around without needing a bag this is where it’s at.  Handmade in Wisconsin and perfect for a night out on the town pre-order one here!



    July 11th

    Marc from iMiNUSD shot this over to me last night and I was way stoked. I’ve been hoping that a bag company would come out with something that was aimed at fixed freestyle and hauling the stuff you need when getting tricky. Chrome just launched their Free series of bags which does just that. The homies at iMiNUSD worked with them to do a limited edition collabo version of the new Delta flap pack. These things came out so sick…the “RiDE” sticker print looks dope. In honor of the release of the collabo iMiNUSD is hosting yet another off the hook event with food, beer, music, a raffle and obviously a damn good time. Get there if you can and swoop one of these fast as there’s less than 100!

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    May 31st

    I just started checking up on the Lockedcog facebook regularly as I get ready to refresh the site. Apparently people post things on there! Haha. I just saw these cool bottle openers that Evan Hawkins sent over (and I’m assuming makes judging by the name). They’re made from reused bicycle forks which is cool especially if you’re into taking care of the planet. Have a feeling one of these would be around for a while unlike a keychain and probably a ton easier to use than a lighter. Jump over to Etsy and grab one of these for around your spot!

    April 19th

    Some fun events coming up in the next week from iMiNUSD. Basset Sprints are back this weekend and there’s a pint party next weekend! I wanna be there for the pint party…could have made it if it was on Friday! If you can get to these be there. Fun no doubt!

    April 10th

    Well this looks like a fun day. Ride. Beers. Trail. Beach. City. Can’t really beat that kind of a lineup for a day out on the bike. Mellow vibes with the Saddle Up dudes.

    April 5th

    Here at lockedcog we’re huge fans of adult beverages. Obviously. You might think beer is king as more often than not its the go to after a ride or good sesh. However, sometimes we can enjoy the finer things in life like say…a good cocktail concoction!

    As it happens my good friend, old roommate and og biking buddy is involved with a cocktail contest for Hangar One Vodka. I literally started riding bikes in downtown Sac years ago with Andrew. In the past couple of years he decided to get serious about adult beverages and as such has become quite the talented bartender/mixologist. With “bartender of the year” awards, tv news spots and a job as head bartender at Grange he really knows what he’s doing. The West Bengal Cocktail is his creation for the Hangar contest and man does it look bomb. Here’s a sick tutorial for the drink and please make sure to hop over to the voting page and help him out!

    As a side note…he and I have talked a few times about doing some beer/beverage related posts on here weekly. Perhaps a “Thirsty Thursday” or something. Possibly be looking for that.

    April 4th

    If I lived in El Paso you can bet I’d be at this. Looks like its going to be a blast with bikes, music and beers. This just got me excited for this summer. Stuff like this should be going on regularly. A seriously cool little teaser dudes.

    Tour de Funn: An Event for Bikes, Bands, Buddies,and Beer.
    So grab your bike, get some buddies, and lets drink some beer and rock out to bands from your neighborhood, all night long.

    Rendezvous at Madeline Park (Cincinnati Ave.) @ 7:00 p.m.
    Ride Starts at 7:30 sharp.
    April 14th, 2012

    March 22nd

    I really dig little shorts like this one. Cool little video of a trip to get a cold brew…a trek many take on every day. Dodging cars and pedestrians all in the name a pint. Seriously though, the filming and acting in this are pretty darn tootin’.

    March 2nd

    Had a blast at this last night! Good people, tons of pizza and free beers! There was literally like 25 pizza and two taps running all night. Beer pong got a little intense in the best way haha. Check the Alcohauler out. Things a beast. Thanks to Chrome for putting this on!