• kris
    August 17th

    The European Cycle Messenger Championships is easily one of the largest messenger gatherings of the year. With riders form around the world descending on Copenhagen the parties, games and of course plenty pickups took over the weekend…



    June 6th

    The European Cycle Messenger ChampsECMC is one of those events I hope to make it to at some point and with this solid recap it’s easy to see why. A weekend of bike shenanigans and a hell of a race are more than enough reason to make the trek. This one clocks in at 8 minutes but gives you a proper look at this year’s European Cycle Messenger Champs in Milan!



    June 2nd

    While laps were being checked off in Long Beach halfway around the world messengers battled it out at this year’s ECMC. The European Cycle Messenger Champs took to the streets of Milano for the 2015 edition drawing races from all around the globe. A pretty rad set of photos from Giorgio Cordini captured the good stuff including this one of Austin Horse snagging the taking the top spot. Pop over for a bunch more!


    June 18th

    This year’s official bag sponsor of European Cycle Messenger Champs is San Francisco’s iconic Freight Baggage. You should already know that they make some damn fine pieces to carry your goods but this year they went stepped up their patch game. With the help of Lil Tuffy these event patches came out too proper…more here!


    May 22nd

    This years ECMC is going down in Switzerland and by the looks of the trailer its going to be good. Hoping they use that ice cream shop as a stop. Would be pretty rad to drop in and serve some people up on the run. Really like the editing of the stamps on this too. Hit the official site for more info.