• kris
    December 2nd

    About 8 months ago I  got this Eighthinch Manifest rolling on the road. It quickly became my daily using it for my messenger job during the day and getting around town after hours. Overall I was pretty impressed with the bikes ride even if built up with affordable Eighthinch parts. Peep a little review and some photos of my Manifest after the click. Starting something a bit more serious so this will likely become a basket bike for the rainy days…more after I change it up a bit.





    LOOKS: Out of the box the Manifest looks a bit nicer than other “budget” fixed frames on the market. The welds are a okay and the gloss paint is durable. After a good amount of time in the rain and more lockups than I could count the frame is still chip free. After months of being used as a daily work bike only surface scratches from wear and tear can be seen. Quite a few people mentioned the seat tube taper that resembles something of a Visp. Agree that it looks a bit off but still like the overall look once built.




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    May 10th

    Heres a few flicks of what I’ve been cramming into my Chrome bags as of late. Got my Eighthinch Buellers and Resist 45c tires (thanks to Mark at iMiNUSD :)) today…best tires I’ve ever ridden and ready to beat these rims up real good! Some stuff from polo tonight as well…stoked to be heading out every week now and hopefully getting a polo bike together!

    This was all in my Brigadier from a trip to snag some groceries…

    My Ivan after rescuing my wounded soldier, finally getting my computer back and snagging some beer…

    The new setup…bike check to come…

    Playing some polo again…didnt play tonight but way excited to get back to it…

    March 9th

    People have been asking about my setup lately as Eighthinch just dropped these little guys. I was hoping to snap some legit shots of this bad boy but being without a camera now this will have to do haha. Ill link up with Jerome this week to snap some legit ones. For now here’s my bike check with plenty of photos below. I did forget to snap the rear clearance…but you can slam a 47c with room :).

    Frame: 59cm Eighthinch Butcher
    Fork: Eighthinch Prototype (there are going to be changes to the production ;))
    Bars: Leader Trickstar
    Grips: Shadow Conspiracy Thirteen
    Bar Ends: MKE Nickels (favorite so far hands down…knee killers though haha)
    Stem: Eighthinch Freestyle
    Wheels: Eighthinch Julian V2
    Tires: 40c Michelin City rear/40c Cheng front
    Cranks: Eighthinch Splined 165s
    Sprocket/Cog: Eighthinch Splined 37t and 15t Cog
    Chain: Eighthinch Half Link
    Pedals: Eighthinch Platforms
    Seat: Cult Pivotal (haggard but i love it)

    I think thats about it…if you want to know anything else just ask!

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    February 22nd

    This is where ill be this weekend…a few blocks form my house haha. Ill be there judging and helping out with the event. Colby said he’d be out to help judge as well. First place is an Eighthinch Butcher plus theres a bunch of other goodies to go out. Word is there’s free pizza at Hot Italian after the comp…and the older crowd will be going out for some adult beverages a bit later. This will definitely be a good time yall!

    August 6th

    The dudes at Eighthinch are looking for some friends…or “likers” to be exact. From now till August 20th they want everyone and their mom (or dad, or puppy, of gerbil) to hop on their facebook and “like” them. As the number of people tracking them on facebook grows so do the chances of winning some real solid stuff. Coupon codes will be given out for multiple goals as well as a drawing with prizes that get sweeter to more everyone gets into it! Theyre at just under 2000 fans right now with the first goal being just that. Heres the deets from the official contest page:

    “We currently have about 1,750 Facebook “Like-ers” but we want more. Here is what we are offering in return. From now until August 20th, 2010 at 11:59PM CST if we hit:

    * 2,000 Fans = All of our facebook fans get a $10 Coupon code plus a chance to win a pair of Tessa Wheels in any color!
    * 2,500 Fans = $15 Coupon code plus a chance to win a Scrambler V3 Frameset in any size/color
    * 3,000 Fans = $20 Coupon code plus a chance to win a Scrambler V3 Frameset and a pair of Julian V2 Wheels!
    * 3,500 Fans = $30 Coupon code plus a chance to win a complete Scrambler V3 Bicycle- customized by the winner!
    * If for some reason we get 5,000 fans before August 20th at 11:59PM CST- we will publish a coupon code good for $50 off any EighthInch purchase over $100 PLUS we will give away the very first Butcher Fixed Gear Freestyle bike- before they are even released in September!”

    The butcher looks fresh ;)…so lets get to 5000 so someone can get it home! I posted photos of all the potential prizes below…Ready. Go.

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    February 28th

    Last chance! Contest closes todayyy.

    Grab this one of a kind raw finish V2 scrambler, in a 51cm, by following a few easy steps. Check the contest page and enter to grab this, what is there to lose?! Contest runs until February, 28th and is completely free!

    This thing is looking sooo clean! Raw.


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    January 10th

    Full spline drive interface and bash guard compatible. If these perform anything like the prototypes im on now they should be killer…holding up great to grinds and gaps so far. More pics and info on these one theyre on! Keep an eye out on eighthinch for new products to drop.