Chris Yang
August 27th

Homie Morgan got his new road machine sprinting on the roads! Now I have to admit I seldom rode my road bike but I’m always fascinated by those high end excellent road builds. Morgan got his Engine 11 Skyline build up with some outstanding components. There’s no doubt about the braking smoothness of Dura Ace set! Road bike is a whole new world for him and I believe the dude is gonna spend more time..and $…on his new sweet F-117 Nighthawk!





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February 5th

One bittersweet quick clip from Engine11 at a recent race. Two dudes down is bad enough but one with a broken bike and the other with a broken collarbone is so much worse. They wanted to finish and made it happen swapping bikes and fighting through the pain. So good.




…and just for a bonus a rad race flick from a few months back where nobody eats it. Just some good riding in Korea…