• kris
    May 12th

    Been really into these epically visual track bits lately si this one’s right up my alley. Head to Wales with native Alex as he takes on the infamous Bwlch climb. This one runs a  little long but there’s some stellar views well worth the look!



    December 18th

    Not entirely sure if this made it around when it released but I do see some familiar faces in this rad documentary from England’s OMC. Cool words and clips from OG’s like Andy Ellis of Fixed Mag and the always great Super Ted. Really dig the walk through at the Reynolds in the mix as well. Harken back to the golden days of “tarck” across the pond in this three part series that really deserves another look or two!




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    May 17th

    I’m kind of bummed that I missed this series until now! A really cool triptych type photo series from Bang* profiling the riders of Fixed Gear York. Check out #12 in the series and the description below then hit Mark Ivkovic’s flickr for the rest!

    Another somewhat long overdue rider portrait for the set.
    Up this week Mr Scott, who has managed to unwittingly kick me into gear with this project again simply by the fact he’s leaving (now left) York. What you see here is a Scottish Scott ready to take on the elements. Actually you see us sheltering in the archway at the pub to take photos but whatever.
    A man who loves his cycling, road, mountain, whatever he’s up for anything with two wheels and a human drive chain. We’ll miss ya Scott and for those lucky folk down on the South coast watch out for a ferocious Hipster chasing you down on his Brompton whilst whip skidding his way through the puddles (and mostly staying upright in the process).

    September 21st

    Fun stuff from the Ninja Cats crew…with Skrillex?! Haha sick. Su much good in the video From First to Last. Hehe.

    March 14th

    This is really well done. If the while video was made like it sounds (on vimeo) its pretty impressive. Shot and ridden solo…looks like a good relaxing time. Im not going to lie…i definitely had to make sure mothers day hadnt passed, terrible i know, because Englands mothers day was today. Ha.

    February 12th

    Its been a while since anything has popped up from the LTS crew! Bike check…1….2.

    January 18th

    Fixed Gear in the Granite City from James urquhart on Vimeo.

    Documentary about bike riding in Aberdeen. Good watch

    December 7th


    December 5th

    October 25th

    He looks kinda scared in this one 🙂

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