• kris
    April 12th

    “Alternative” racing is taking Europe by storm with fixed crits and singlespeed cross races popping up all over. Running outside of the usual sanctioned circuit, these offer a chance for both seasoned riders and those akin to alleycats a common ground for going fast. Bombtrack has been supporting the scene for some time so it’s no surprise they’re out there grinding with everyone at events like the Vast Verzet Bokaal criterium. Definitely a cool course for this one!



    March 11th

    The newest issue of Stoked On Fixed Bikes went up over the weekend and there’s some good content inside. Sick to see that Shred bit in there, Mckeag with a feature and the Prollster with an interview…dudes are always putting in work. Hit the mag here and their website (that’s being updated) right hereee.


    July 21st

    Summer sure is here and the Geometrick kids know how to do it. They’ll be meeting up all around Europe this summer for a project theyre calling “European Vacation.” Keep watch for more to come…good stuff dudes!

    January 19th

    I had to stop watching, because i though i was going to have a seizure

    fixed gear bordeaux from noniko on Vimeo.

    January 18th

    Fixed Gear in the Granite City from James urquhart on Vimeo.

    Documentary about bike riding in Aberdeen. Good watch

    January 15th

    TSE 2010 from amotion.at on Vimeo.

    Rumored to be the hardest race in Europe, started in Vienna on Saturday 9th 2010.

    January 14th

    December 16th

    ATH: Trailer 3 from localathensfilms on Vimeo.

    ATH, the first film project of FIXED GEAR ATHENS has tried to document the experience of riding fixed gear bikes in Athens, Greece. Starring completely amateur riders, its target is to display a side of the city that is not being documented. Athens on a fixed gear bike is no just a poluted, claustophobic, traffic congested metropolis. It is also about colours, seaside, hills, fun and friends staying together. Enjoy.

    December 10th

    December 7th