• kris
    November 26th

    I’m always game for some fall feel good edits. Leaves on the ground. Crisp weather. Cruising around. Sometimes this is all you need for a good day. Fixiefamous and Chris Chapman showing you how to chill out. I’m a sucker for this song too. No shame.

    November 25th

    So I’m kind of a sucker for pink bikes right now…obviously. This fall trackstand shot was too good to pass up. For a conversion this Cinelli isn’t looking too bad either. Peep some more on Guillem’s flicky.

    November 19th

    Chill fall vibes are always sick to me this ones got it. A couple good tricks in the mix with some daily stuff. Best way to walk the dog though!

    October 26th

    This shot reminds me of a few years ago. Volume thrasher with some little 26″ tires and narrow bars. Dig every bit of it haha. Little fall vibe nosie leaves, hoodie and all. Caught on Luke F2’s flickr.

    October 14th

    I went out and enjoyed some fall weather this evening so this bit seems about right. Looks like a fun little trailer to shoot at the perfect time of year for a ride. Can’t wait to see what these dudes have for us on the 31st!


    October 10th

    Sorry yall…I’m a sucker for fall.

    February 21st

    Beat form a super long day at work…this however put me in a good mood. Just some fun with some hoppity tunage. I can dig this.

    December 6th

    This is pretty funny ha.

    September 30th

    A nice little feel good fall bit right here. Just like a lot of people fall is my favorite season. Every year I post a bunch of fall theme videos and photos…so you’ve been warned haha. This is a good one here. Gotta love the titty bar stop with no locking up. Haha.

    September 2nd

    Just checked the Mishka Fall lookbook and there’s a ton of good shit in there! Really liking the little Keep Watch character that’s been in the last two seasons. This time he’s dropped the bat for a different piece of wood. Gotta’ love that new Prolls inspired Vyking tee. Pretty fresh. I have a feeling there will be a D.A.R.T. lookbook and more threads to come so I’s stay on the lookout for that. Hit the store for the first drop of Fall and roll back for the rest as it drops!