• kris
    January 7th

    I’m pretty sure I asked Matt to do one of the 11 Questions things at last years Midwest Mayhem? Not too sure but I know it was a hell of a long time ago and is way overdue. Being the solid dude that he is I sent him some long overdue questions and he was more than happy to oblige. He hits some valid points on the game and lets you know what he’s up to. Peep it. Thanks again to Matt for doing this…hopefully see you down south soon!

    I’ll start is off with his SKYLMT edit because its too good. Click through for the whole piece.



    1) Who are you…you know…what people call you, how long you’ve been roaming the Earth and where you choose to reside.


    Matt Spencer. A while ago Fonseca tried to coin me as “silky” but I don’t really fuck with nicknames. 23 years old and just moved up to Hollywood a few months ago.


    2) Years spent killing your knees on your bike?


    About 4 and a half years riding fixed now.


    3) What kind of stuff do you do when you aren’t on your bike? I know you’ve said before that bikes aren’t your life but just a piece of it…what are some of the other pieces?


    I do tons of shit. Into filming and editing almost as mush as I am riding. I run my WOLFDRAWN site, which is pretty, much 100% original content and I make some products for the blog. Also, have a non-bike related clothing line on the side I have recently started that’s doing good SOWET69.COM. Do some freelance design work here and there. Then after all of that I try to have some kind of a life and go out and party.