• Chris Yang
    November 13th

    Mayhem Fixed from Malaysia has been out there in this community for a long time and always producing some dope bags and accessories for the urban riders. Earlier this year, they started filming for themselves to represent the idea and the passion on two wheels! Here’s the teaser of their official film, which is currently working in the process. Looking forward to what they will come up with!



    February 19th

    Check the full length of the film over at bicinity!

    and heres the trailer if you wanted to get essited first…

    January 18th

    Fixed Gear in the Granite City from James urquhart on Vimeo.

    Documentary about bike riding in Aberdeen. Good watch

    January 14th


    Looks like the venue didnt work out. Hopefully something else can get worked out soon.

    January 13th

    the revival

    December 16th

    ATH: Trailer 3 from localathensfilms on Vimeo.

    ATH, the first film project of FIXED GEAR ATHENS has tried to document the experience of riding fixed gear bikes in Athens, Greece. Starring completely amateur riders, its target is to display a side of the city that is not being documented. Athens on a fixed gear bike is no just a poluted, claustophobic, traffic congested metropolis. It is also about colours, seaside, hills, fun and friends staying together. Enjoy.

    December 10th

    December 7th


    November 28th


    November 4th

    The Revival guys have been getting a lot of press lately, and for good reason. The Revival Film looks like tons of fun. Here are some of the dates and locations that the film is going to be shown. We will post more info as it comes in, or watch the NEW The Revival site

    San Diego – November 13th, 2009
    Seattle – November 15th, 2009
    Dallas – November 21st, 2009
    Houston – November 21st, 2009
    Orlando – December 5th, 2009

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