• kris
    October 11th

    Saw that Rick posted up some new flick to his flicky and got excited. Dig the black and white steez and Mr. Anderson always manages to grab some sick photos. Finn here with a cool footplanter. There’s some new artsy and random stuff on his stream so check those too!


    July 25th

    More of this. I need it. Finn and Tom Briggs have been working on this for some time now and it definitely shows. Some of the best editing I’ve even seen in a fixed edit for sure. Finn putting in some time getting a good mix of creative tricks and some big hitters. This edit opens up with some huge bails so you know its going to deliver. Dig this one a lot you guys. So stoked that this of going to be a series!

    The East – Finn Zygowski from Skitch on Vimeo.