• Chris Yang
    August 30th

    It’s been wet these few weeks and finally had a chance to snap some in a good weather! This time took some shots with my homie Ada, the founder of Fixed Style, on his favorite clean build Nabiis A2! Always digging those graphic designs on the frame and that Circus Monkey wide bar just added the street taste on the bike! Seen lots of A2 riding on Taipei streets but my man’s build is definitely off the hook!


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    Chris Yang
    October 26th

    Few days earlier on Friday night was our biggest, craziest, and scariest event in Taipei City and in the whole fixie scene. Yes…Halloween ghost night ride! This time the event was organized together by many fixie groups from the north to the south in Taiwan in order to celebrate Halloween! What even crazier was that more than 400 ghosts riding to take over the streets in Taipei City…People were dressed in zombies, spiderman, skeletons, and so on! Anyway, cut the crap and let’s see the photos at that crazy night~~

    Photos by Allen Chu






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