• kris
    April 29th

    In case you were wondering how the Fixie Factory dudes have been living this year Matt posted this up. Its like a fixie episode of Cribs. Except there’s less caviar and more moldy coffee. Looks like a fun setup though…I know these dudes have a good time.  Handle bar graveyard for daysss.


    April 24th

    This is a dope ass flick of Corey hitting a crank arm on the now infamous Fixie Factory rail. Looking so dialed in this shot for Destroy caught by Phillip Arellano. Long beach looking mighty nice and sunny these days. Dig this.



    March 29th

    Damn it looks like that Fixie Factory x CSK rail jam went off despite being shut down by the cops from the get go. Elliott killed it for sure with some tooth overs, smooth ices and that double peg 180. Antonyo’s 180 crook was so sick too. Dig all the B-roll type stuff that Matt got for this…Sundet and Congo with some funny ass on liners. Too good you have to watchhh.



    March 17th

    Grassroots as it gets and with the best dudes. Show up. Buy some of their shit. And sesh this rail with what will probably be some dope prizes with Unknown in there. GOOOO if you can. CSK. Fixie Factory.


    November 4th

    I’m pretty sure this is my favorite formula for a bike check ever. Definitely a fan of the talking to the camera form typically used but visually and time wise this make sense. Clear. Concise. And to the point. Dig it.

    October 26th

    Its been far too long since the last episode of the Power Hour. Fixie factory goons Antonyo, Coats and Thronton cruise around Long Beach and cause some havoc. Lots of good little tech bits and some style from the dudes.More of disdiq!

    June 11th

    Well this is the first of what I’m assuming will be a bunch of Midwest Mayhem posts to come from me. I wasn’t able to make it out this year so I’m living through everyone else! Haha. This ones got some sick shots in it from Fixie Factory for sure. That footjam from Antonyo is nuts!

    May 23rd

    This power hour is way too good haha. Some funny bits in this one from the dudes…oh and some nice tricks. Always into how these are thrown together. Meat and potatoes of fgfs right here! Not sure what that means but it sounded good.

    May 15th

    Antonyo, Oscar and Sean bringing us the seventh installment of the FF Power Hour. Some cool stuff from the dudes…especially that last few lines. Antonyo has that tight techy stuff on lock. Way sick.

    April 17th

    I still need to get this up! You know who these dudes are and you know you want at least one of these haha. Fixie Factory bringing it with some fun stuff on these. If you’ve never used skreened before just know you can switch it up and make tanks, sweats and long sleeves too. I think I might have to get the Pissy tank below haha. Grab em here!