• kris
    September 1st

    Some bay area fixed freestyle for the afternoon from Daniel Le and the 408 kids. Weelie wallride 180 was too dope!



    March 17th

    Some mellow jibbing from the FixieBoyz and Daniel Le. Wheelie 180s and them footplants are looking dialed.



    July 10th

    Footplants are too damn sick in this haha. The kids from the 408 have been dropping stuff pretty consistently. Double tire at the minute mark is pretty rad too.


    June 3rd

    Hell yeah for some good shit coming in right at the end of the day. Fixieboyz have been out getting stuff done lately and ended up with a bit of b-roll and bail footy that’s worth the watch. That wallride at 1:29 is real good but there’s quality clips in here from all three of these kids.


    March 19th

    New stuff and the first official edit from the 408 Fixieboyzzz. Looks like they’ve been out putting in work with a lot of clips in this one. Last line is on point but there’s good shit throughout. Peep.