• kris
    October 19th

    I saw this last night and meant to get it up…but I fell asleep before it had loaded all the way haha. Some fresh Flat Fix stuff right here. These dudes have been one of the longest running fixed crews consistently putting stuff out for us to see. So sick!

    July 6th

    I don’t think its possible for me to watch a video from Asia and not instantly want to hop on a plane with my bike. I usually dig these bits from Hiroki and this one is no different…

    June 14th

    I need to get out to Japan soon. Its like killing me. So many good spots and just some sick looking visual stimulation. Anyone up to save some pennies for a trip out there? This video done gots me pumped. Songs sick too…haven’t heard it in a minute.

    March 22nd

    With all the rain we’ve been getting and is scheduled to roll through we could definitely use a spot like this in Sac. Jun with a nice chill sesh hiding out in Yokohama.

    January 13th

    New stuff from Jun and crew…always dig the Flat Fix stuff!

    November 23rd

    If youve been on here a few times chances are youve seen some of the Flat Fix videos…I post just about all of them. I rather like them even though sometimes there isnt much in the way of bikes or tricks or whatever you may be looking for in them. They’re just fun. This is why…

    October 25th

    Still stoked to see this when it comes together! Jun has been slipping out snippets for this for a while so im sure theyre putting in work.

    October 8th

    Its not all bikes all the time for most of us…we do other stupid stuff too. Ha. Flat Fix crew taking it easy playing on some playgrounds and what not. I want to ride one of those roller-coaster hanging thingys!

    July 29th

    Hiroki aka Graffito…who im assuming is part of the Flat Fix crew…has been posting up some Flat Fix edits as well. I dont think ive ever seen this one or a couple of the others though they are a few weeks old. Nothing too crazy but you do get an idea of what its like to ride around Tokyo and what spots are out yonder.

    July 10th

    All videos today probably. Feeling real lazy :)…we shall see though!

    A little preview of whats to come from Jun and the peeps in Flat Fix. I love watching video from around the world…just real neat to see what other people are out doing on these bikes! Crazy looking 26 in there…