• kris
    December 12th

    Chris posted this up over the weekend. I watched it a few times and was too stoked to post it I really just forgot haha. Dig this for sure.

    September 29th

    I watched the hell out of this to get pumped to ride for a while. Definitely set the bar for trick specific fixed videos when it came out. Chris has been nice enough to toss it up on the net for all you to get your hands on it. You can download it on the Vimeo page so hop over and grab it!

    January 19th

    This can certainly go up as one of my favorite edits ever…too much good stuff in this. 180 double peg is super clean. Massive kinked ledge. Bottle rockets for days. Grinding a bike…literally. Ha. Set at the ender is pretty massive in person. Love this. Grime.

    November 4th

    Chris sent me this yesterday but i forgot to shoot it up. Josh is killing it as usual…definitely at the top of the fixed freestyle game.

    October 25th

    Chris Fonseca aka tripple B just upped a new website for himself. A mix of all things he does and is involved in. He’s moved to NY (sorry i couldn’t make the move yet :/) so you can be sure he’ll be getting into some cool stuff. This clip of Wonka on his 26″ was upped on there…

    October 19th

    Cozy up next to the fireplace with Congo and Revoked. Ha.

    October 6th

    Chris sent over this trailer for No Cassettes 2 this morning featuring Eugene Hood. You probably remember him if you’ve seen the first video…well he back to smashin’ the city for the upcoming release. Im sure Chris will have a solid lineup for the second video as well so itll be well worth the watch.

    July 29th

    Ill be writing a review this week on Fonseca’s latest video offering Revoked. If you havent seen it i suggest taking a gander and possibly picking one up for yourself on the Revoked web store. If you snag one here soon you could be coming away with a new frame set from Leader in the way of a Trickstar 2 and Shadow fork.

    July 28th

    Last weekend was pretty damn fun with the Revoked/Gnarcotix Premiere here in Sac. The turnout was solid and it seemed as though everyone who cam out had a good time. Trick comp went off at Dirty Bank with eight people entering. Santos was throwing down hard and ended up in second. Rich Baldwin was right behind him in third with Kyle “The Ginger” taking first. I was stoked to see local shredder Jake get out on his bike, after being bother by me a bunch, and coming up in fourth! After the comp it was the premieres at Golden Bear where Toro showed their promo spot for their growning line of clothing. Beers were had and videos watched getting us ready for footdown, track stand comp and some games of fix out back. Rich came away with another win in the trackstand comp i believe with Corey coming out of footdown still on his bike. After we’d all had enough bike for the night the party moved to Lucky Lefty’s for some drinks and pool.

    Check the photos from the event below vid will be up soon. Thanks to Jerome for shooting the flicks and vid, to Kimio and the Golden Bear for the spot and Brian from Toro for helping me get this going. Theres a bit more on For The Hype if you want to pop on over there as well.

    Huge thanks to the sponsors who helped out with this!

    Toro Quality Goods
    Lucky Lefty’s
    Fonseca and Carl

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    July 13th

    Originally Chris was going to film a bunch of stuff for Revoked 2 while out in NY for BFF. As seemed to be the case with everyone who was out there with us…not much got done in the way of filming. There was far too much fun to be had. Still regretting leaving early…i missed out on a bunch of stuff!