• kris
    July 1st

    Spike Parts may have been putting some focus on their track goods as of late but they’re still keeping up on the fixed freestyle front as well. Their newest addition comes with the release of their super clean  26″ fork. Digging how smooth the lines are on this…swoop here!



    -AXLE TO CROWN LENGTH:408mm/16.06〞
    -OFFSET: 20mm
    -COLOR:ED BLACK, Metallic Silver



    September 25th

    Drool. And drool again. Death Spray Customs just dropped a rad leopard print fork. Leopard is in right now but when it looks as good as this who the hell cares. Swoop here before this rare gem is on someone else’s ride!


    April 13th

    Spotted this on Zloggy…I think i like it. LDG coming through with some not so standard design on their Tank Fork. It kind of looks like a tank weight wise but we’ll see how it stands up to what else is on the market come April 20th.

    October 15th

    Zach posted up about these on Zlog last week and i gave it a passing glance…looked cool but not something i really needed. I just came across this video from Fixed Gear Hungary that is damn cool. Shot and edit well with some creativity on the camera work for sure. Seeing this fork make it way through the city actually has it looking pretty good. The shock component doesnt look gaudy or awkward and the dude seems to be getting around quite nicely. I ran a suspension fork for a brief time just for fun and after a couple weeks commuting to work i was dreading it. Doesnt look like it’s be the case with the Suntour Swing. I could definitely see it having some practical application in places with rougher roads like some European cities…or on an extra bike for cruising around on.

    October 5th

    This is something that i wish there were more of…official product videos from companies. Not too fancy on the production but it gets the point across for sure. The BB17 Cobra is definitely one of my favorite forks on the market right now. Loving the integrated top cap and fluted steerer. Ive never bent or broken a for at the steerer so its probably not necessary but for some reason i still like that its designed that way. I wasnt sure if these would fit pegs before but it looks like changed up the design a bit and they just might. Break Brake 17 if you want one!

    July 29th

    Ill be writing a review this week on Fonseca’s latest video offering Revoked. If you havent seen it i suggest taking a gander and possibly picking one up for yourself on the Revoked web store. If you snag one here soon you could be coming away with a new frame set from Leader in the way of a Trickstar 2 and Shadow fork.

    February 26th

    The dudes at iMiNUSD are stocking up on some solid forks as we speak…well type…well converse via the internet.

    Anywho, the shop is going to be the exclusive retailer for the pre-kilroy Gorilla forks. Limited quantity of 20 available and the only way to snatch one is through the iMiNUSD online store. It says price TBD but i did see $99 floatin around.

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    September 10th

    A few weeks back i received a nice little package from Noah over at EighthInch. With the launch of their new site came an extension to their full line of fixed specific accessories to include everything from cogs and lockrings to cranks and chainrings. Ive had the better part of a month to use and abuse everything they sent out…the following is a complete review of their entire product line!

    As im heavy into tricking, my bikes are usually set up so that i can hit spots no matter where i end up. However, a few months ago i parked the car and have been commuting by bike everywhere as well. That being said, and the fact that everyone enjoys long leisurely rides :), I set up this stuff for both tricking and “just riding”…then rode it into the ground, threw it down stairs, ground it on ledges and took it on those necessary extended rides just to take it easy.

    The Set Ups:

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    September 8th

    The whole All City Dropout frameset should be out soon, which we like. It seems that the fork with be dropping sooner.

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    August 18th

    These go along with their new trick frame…lookin real nice!


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