• kris
    July 7th

    Missed these up on Phoenix a couple days ago but want to get em up! They’re looking real good and a lot similar to the BB17 Cobras but with a higher axle to crown. I wonder how the cross cutout at the crown will affect sales with the 666 fanatics. Haha.

    December 22nd

    These are looking way better than the original RYD designs. A 420 ac that fits 50c tires..solid.


    November 16th

    It looks like the new Volume Bikes site has been up for a week or so but I hadnt checked it until I got an email this morning. Digging the layout more than the old one which was a bit more confusing navigation. Theres some nice new stuff up on there already (like the Jenson V2 Fumanchu ad below that went around last week)…peep it!

    August 20th

    I first head of BB17 when they dropped their riser bars some time back. They continue to expand their offerings to the fixed freestyle world with some fresh colors on their Cobra fork. If you havent seen this before its definitely a fork to consider when setting up a new front end. Integrated top cap and fluted steerer tube definitely set this apart form most other forks on the market as of yet. Clears 47c tires with a 408 axle to crown. This green piece is purdy.

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