• kris
    April 9th

    The Forward Set has a couple good ones coming down the line. The Car Dodgers tee is a play on the classic LA teams logo as an ode to riding in the city. If you want to let people know you still throw a few skids the Still Into Track Bikes bit is just the thing. Get you pre-order on now to be the first to unfold these!



    March 5th

    Night riding might just be my favorite so I sure dig these shots of Kirk roaming the streets of downtown LA. Rafael is no stranger to the city and knows how to grab those urban vibes proper so hit his flickr for more good!


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    January 2nd

    The Forward Set dudes starting the year off right with some new goods in their webstore. Doesn’t get any better than Purist bottles and Champion System warmers quality wise. Top notch choices to keep you hydrated, warm and supporting a rad crew.  Grab the Meridian bottle here and Ngungi warmers here!



    October 8th

    The Forward Set crew teamed up with Bicycle Belts again to bring an updated version of their U-Lock belt to the streets. Some added durability and just a clean of a look on the newest pieces. Recycled and ready to roll. Swoop one here!



    August 8th

    The FWDSET dudes out in Florida know how to throw a race. Hellcat 3 was a couple weekends ago and judging by this recap there was a decent turnout and a hell of a race to follow. More on the FWDSET. Gotta love Sean‘s dismount coming into the finish ha.



    July 8th

    It definitely takes work to keep an event going year after year and to keep it growing at that. The dudes at FWDSET are continuing the Hellcat Race in Jacksonville for the third year in a row. Judging by the effort put into the change from 904 fixed this is going to be a solid race. Register here.



    June 28th

    Follow Kirk Tsonos in this FWDSET flick from the Gator Crashionals. Enough close calls and jumping over stuff in this to keep your attention no doubt. That semi and the near crash in the group crossing the intersections were pretty gnar. Rad to see all the shortcuts being taken in this…could almost call this a cross race haha.



    June 19th

    The Forward Set just upped their shiny new digs on the web today. Formerly 904 Fixed, they’ve now widened their ideas and thus a new image to build on. Hit them from time to time to keep up on their team and what’s good with them in urban cycling.