• kris
    December 6th

    September 10th

    A few weeks back i received a nice little package from Noah over at EighthInch. With the launch of their new site came an extension to their full line of fixed specific accessories to include everything from cogs and lockrings to cranks and chainrings. Ive had the better part of a month to use and abuse everything they sent out…the following is a complete review of their entire product line!

    As im heavy into tricking, my bikes are usually set up so that i can hit spots no matter where i end up. However, a few months ago i parked the car and have been commuting by bike everywhere as well. That being said, and the fact that everyone enjoys long leisurely rides :), I set up this stuff for both tricking and “just riding”…then rode it into the ground, threw it down stairs, ground it on ledges and took it on those necessary extended rides just to take it easy.

    The Set Ups:

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    September 8th