• kris
    January 29th

    With the recent surge of fixed fixed freestyle content it’s nice to see a familiar face pop up every now and then. It’s been over a year since Francis Roque dropped a few tricks on us and this “comeback” is pretty damn proper. With all the new faces it’s sick to see a few people gettin’ back to gettin’ down!


    March 11th

    Took the weekend off so there will be some catching up on hereee. First is this cool one Francis sent over yesterday that he did up for LCWR. Some solid clips in the mix as he shows off some of their new goods. Bars and 180 bars are on lock.


    February 19th

    Francis brings us another Monthly Minute just in time for shitty weather. Bars are beyond on lock haha. Some chill fun stuff in this but there’s still some solid clips in the mix. Intro was done super well too dude. Keep these coming homie!


    January 25th

    Francis sent this over last night and I’m bummed I couldn’t get to a computer till now. He’s started up a little series of one minute videos each month. Some good stuff in this months like that 180 bar and feeble 3. Stoked to see more of these dude.

    January 16th

    Looks like Francis put in a little work for American Icon recently. I’ve seen some other stuff from these dudes and most of it is pretty sick. This is pretty much a lookbook so click through for a few more shots of all the goods below and hit their store to swoop. Shouts to Alex Gonzalez in th3 209 for sending these over.

    November 14th

    This one showed up on my facebook wall via the man himself. One thing I see in this is some super snappy bars. Like seriously their too fast. Lots of good clips in this one. That little bank spot looks super fun.

    November 8th

    Fun one from Francis from with a quick sesh at the park and little manny pad business. Got those threes dialed for sure. I can rides pads like that for hours. So fun.

    September 12th

    More good stuff from down in Stockton. There sure is a huge fgfs scene there right now which is way sick. James tosses some bars and grinds in with some other solid hits in here. I still want to ride that stair set with the wood walls on the side!

    August 15th

    Francis sent over his newest bit for Zontrac a bit ago and its looking pretty slick. Dig the editing and chill vibes for sure. Smooth 3s and bars for days plus a couple dope creative shots. Zontrac keeping it nice and chill.