• kris
    January 24th

    January 7th


    I’m sure almost everyone that tricks on a fixed gear knows who you are, but go ahead and introduce yourself anyway.
    My name is Edward LaForte. I’m from Staten Island New York, and I’m 20 years old.

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    December 28th


    Gran Royale’s attempt a a freestyle fixed gear.

    Prolly likes the frame, Im not sure to me it just looks really weak. But then again I’m pretty big and tend to break stuff pretty easily

    • Full Chromoly Frame
    • Fixed or Freewheel Rear Hub
    • Integrated Seat Clamp
    • Integrated Headtube
    • European Bottom Bracket
    • Gran Royale Pivotal Seat w/ Pivotal Alloy Seatpost
    • Caliper Brakes Included
    • Integrated Seat Post Clamp
    • Precision Sealed Bearing, High Flange Hubs Front and Rear
    • Tubular Fork Allows Clearance for Barspins
    • Sizes: 52, 54, 56, 58, or 60 cm

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    November 16th

    After posting that bit below about fixed trick styles i wandered on over to Mr. Watson’s place.

    Low and behold…a pretty damn similar post about riding styles. Theres been a lot of buzz about this as of late so not too surprising we want to hear about it. Heres a snippet from his post:

    “Now with a lot of people in Tokyo riding DJ bikes with 700c wheels and slammed saddles fixed, the debates have been stirred up again and it begs for more conversation. “Fixed style” is easily branching off into a lot of segments. Park riding, parking lot riding (techy flatland) and street riding (gaps, stairs, etc). Soon I think the bikes will evolve more to fit those preferred riding. Actually, they have already. Some people prefer smaller tires, some prefer bigger tires. Just one example. Does a slammed saddle keep you from riding the bike around? Probably not. Does it keep you from riding around comfortably? Again, debatable. One thing is for sure though, Kozo almost has flat tailwhips and he 360’d a pyramid with ease on his. Is it the bike or the rider? In my opinion, both.”

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    October 25th

    Prolly is claiming that this might be a picture of a collaboration between Wonka and San Marco. If true this would be the first fixed gear marketed saddle. Read More….

    October 12th


    Strap Ons are a highly adjustable and hard wearing strap system for everything from fixed gear freestyle riding to everyday use. Designed from the ground up as an alternative to double straps and cages, the Strap Ons achieve maximum usability without compromising the feel of the ride.

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