• kris
    July 15th

    When I shot Greg and Angel’s Fuji Track Pro’s last week we hit a couple spots before I found some good lighting. This one one of the earlier shots I came across today that I like the colors on.


    July 3rd

    My dude Greg here definitely goes through some nice bikes and his newest is this sweet Fuji Track Pro. Custom blue paint looks dope and he has it hooked up with some legit parts. Omniums and a Super toughness keeping things moving while those Ritchey Carbons keep it stiff up top. One of the better FTP I’ve seen on the streets…click through for a few more!

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    January 13th

    If you’ve ever stripped a frame before you know how annoying and time consuming it can be. Thankfully this is mostly time lapse some tie lapse footage so we don’t have to watch the bubbling for and hour. Have to say it came out looking pretty good in the end though.