• kris
    April 20th

    Getting this party (err week) started…



    August 20th

    These dudes look like they know how to have a good time. Summer’s almost over so get those road trips in ASAP.



    February 21st

    Beat form a super long day at work…this however put me in a good mood. Just some fun with some hoppity tunage. I can dig this.

    February 7th

    I am posting this solely because…well I can. My long time friend Jenn Wong informed a few minutes ago that she no longer frequents my blog like she used to. Rather she likes to watch the titles of posts from her high tower on twitter and judge the poor peon posts for what they are named. They don’t choose their names or have the right to stand up to being posted and therefore have no say in what Jenn thinks of them. Not quite fair for all the little videos and pictures that make their way down the bloggy trail. How would you feel if someone only like your better qualities and disregarded all the rest?! So, in spite of Jenn’s picking and choosing I will make sure that she reads this little bugger just for mere fun. Nothing exciting. Nothing interesting. Nothing worth writing home to your mummy about. However since she is in fact sitting right next to me I will thoroughly enjoy her reaction to this. Shanananana.

    February 7th

    Fun videos are always worth posting! I’ve only ever ridden in the snow once but man was it fun. Some goofing around, skids, wheelies and just having a good time. Dig it.

    February 1st

    If you’ve read this poor excuse for a blog for any length of time you’ve probably seen that I like just about anything that Anthony Green does. What you might not not is that I’ve also been a long time follower of the Format and now Fun…Nate Reuss’ musical outlets. I came across this today and just have to post it! Hell why not start a new series of music posts on Wednesday nights for yall. It’ll change genres so don’t fret if you aren’t into to stuff like this…I like a good amount of stuff. Enjoy this. I know i sure as hell did!

    Only Love (feat. Nate Ruess of fun.) by Photo Finish Records

    Edit: Devin reminded me of Anthony’s new video which actually has some fixed freestyle clips and what looks to be a GT in it. His new Album will have to be snagged. Thanks Devin!

    August 15th

    Thanks to Jenn for taking some photos this weekend. The event was a ton of fun despite the last minute changes that we had to make. Only a couple kids showed up for the trick comp so that got dropped and insurance issues made it so the fashion show had to be canceled too. Still the alleycat and video premiere went off real good with a nice turnout of old friends and new faces. Stoked that Squirrel and Jeff took first and second respectively. Having the event on Second Saturday meant there was plenty of stuff going on to keep everyone stoked. Thanks to everyone that came out! Here’s a few of the shots from the day…pop to Jenn’s flickr for the rest!

    Thanks to everyone who came out to hang and all the sponsors below for making this a great time!

    Chrome Bags
    Pedal Hard
    The Golden Bear

    Read More….

    November 23rd

    If youve been on here a few times chances are youve seen some of the Flat Fix videos…I post just about all of them. I rather like them even though sometimes there isnt much in the way of bikes or tricks or whatever you may be looking for in them. They’re just fun. This is why…

    October 8th

    Its not all bikes all the time for most of us…we do other stupid stuff too. Ha. Flat Fix crew taking it easy playing on some playgrounds and what not. I want to ride one of those roller-coaster hanging thingys!

    May 3rd

    Came across this randomly tonight…totally forgot about this bit my buddy put together from last 4th of july. Im real excited for this summer and this reminded me of why.