• kris
    June 24th

    Everyone’s favorite animated track star Ion Göttlich is back for another bout on the asphalt…and this time he crosses the finish!


    April 27th

    This just might be the world’s longest skid…or at least one of the most entertaining. Gotta dig the teamwork when things get a little sluggish. Time for some new rubber!


    March 5th

    Even without sound this rules…always been a fan of animation.  Would be cool to see this turn into something more!



    February 16th

    The superheroes of safety always are there when you call…more awesome stuff from these dudes on Pedalea o Revienta. This was damn funny!


    December 23rd

    Not entirely sure whats going on here but I dig. A little tongue in cheek from the crew at Ride Fixie that’s well shot no matter the message. Hit them for more rad and some products here!


    November 21st

    Looks like Santa’s out early rounding bikes up for the kiddies of the world…just don’t ask where they came from or whats in that bottle. More good from the Yksivaihde dudes in Helsinki here!

    November 10th

    Another fine example of the weird shit you see when you spend all day bouncing around town…


    October 8th

    I think we can call this a tandem now right?! Pretty good flick to come across toward the end of a long day. Just want to see them try skidding that thing…



    September 26th

    Too damn funny and perfect for a Friday…”commute to work, every day is a time trial.”


    July 28th

    Today was definitely a slow start to the week but this made my morning. My buddy Rad emailed me this bit from late last year…”oh fuck, no jeans for you.” Too good!