• kris
    October 28th

    If you live in the city it can be a pain trying to fit you rides comfortably into a small apartment or out of sight when you need more space. Chol1 has a solution that goes one step beyond, integrating your bike into design inspired furniture. Eight storage options ranging from small end tables to a full size couch put your bike on display and out of the way. The Santiago, Chile brand opened pre-orders today so pop over to peep all the pieces!


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    March 30th

    As city cycling continues to boom so does the selection of space saving racks for putting your ride on display. Something  you don’t see too often are pieces like these from Chol1 that incorporate a rack right into your furniture. Might see a bit over kill but when you’re in a tight space and still want things looking good these could be a proper solution. Hop over to check the whole collection!