• kris
    March 16th

    It’s spring and it’s time to get movin’. Digging this run around LA with Kirk from FWDSET.





    April 9th

    The Forward Set has a couple good ones coming down the line. The Car Dodgers tee is a play on the classic LA teams logo as an ode to riding in the city. If you want to let people know you still throw a few skids the Still Into Track Bikes bit is just the thing. Get you pre-order on now to be the first to unfold these!



    June 24th

    Dope flick coming from the Kirk Tsonos and the FWDSET. Day in the life features like this are some of my favorites for their personal connection if nothing else. Follow Kirk through a day on Jacksonville back before he landed in sunny California.


    May 14th

    Kirk of The FWDSET recently relocated from Florida to LA but has been keeping things moving with the brand. A couple new tees (one inspired by a bikenapping) hit their store last week. I don’t wear yellow but I am digging that Meridian tee. The U-Lose jam is pretty dope too because…well that’s the truth that right there. Swoop ’em both on the FWDSET.


    April 16th

    After making the move from Florida to LA last year Kirk and The FWDSET are looking ready to make moves this year. They recently made available their app (iPhone & Google) that allows navigation of all the same spots from their site in a stand alone application. That means after the kit pre-orders open up you can swoop one real easy. Rad to see this project coming along proper.