January 20th

Some cool colors on these new kits from Geekhouse. Neon and zigzags never go out of style. Preorder these bad boys right here!



June 17th

I don’t venture over to Geekhouse spot very much but when I do you can bet there’s some rad stuff to be found. They just finished up this S&S coupled polo bike complete with custom paint by Spectrum. If you’re serious about polo (or any urban cycling genre) there’s a good chance you’ll be traveling with your beloved ride all over. Sometimes it’s a hard task to make a portable bike looks fukcing aweesome…but these dude’s did it once again. So sick!



October 14th

Gotta’ love a solid Geekhouse build. Ill always think these thinks are sexy. Diggin the sparkle in the lower of the frame. Nabbed from the Geekhouse flickr

January 16th

Geekhouse Cyclocross from Quarter Productions on Vimeo.

Awesome work guys! Good Luck this year

October 13th

Geekhouse fixed gear bike

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