• kris
    January 13th

    A while back the Geometrick crew started dropping some really solid clothes over at their spot. It seems to have been a good move for them as they’ve been coming out with new stuff steadily since. Their new caps are on point with some sick fabric choices…this print is pretty wild. Swoop here.

    October 27th

    Oh. Damn. I. Want. These fresh threads from Geometrick are probably the sickest collection of shirts to come from any fixed gear website or crew to date. If you now me you know I love Disney stuff. From my zombie Mickey tattoo to the annual Disneyland trips I’ve taken for the last 10 years or so. I want all of these so bad! Haha. Check em all out here

    May 19th

    Geometrick crew getting official with some face time. Looks like there should be a nice little interview with them popping up sometime here soon…

    April 11th

    A couple quick ones I missed from Geometrick. Im getting my computer fixed so hopefully ill be able to stay more on top of this stuff over the wekeends…sorry guys!

    March 30th

    Here’s one of Wonkas runs from the Trick Boom contest that just went down in Paris. The double peg stall at the end is real sick and probably familiar if you checked the photos on Geometrick already. Whats Really Good caught this footage for us…

    February 28th

    Nice quick bit of Geometrick rider Constant Cleese. Dudes barspins are clean!

    February 16th

    Geometrick crew with some good stuff in this bit…the bar down the six is solid!

    January 20th

    Just a week after the lisbon comp in March is this jammer…should be a fun one from Geometrick! Really cool of them to make it so people traveling can hit up both events while they’re out there.

    December 31st

    Sick stuff in this little bit from Geometrick! Dig the rail work in this. Florence and the Machine is real good too. Get ready for a slew of new years edits you can bet everyone will be cranking them out!

    November 29th

    Looks like the Geometrick dudes have a store up with some goodies to be taken home check it…here!