• kris
    January 21st

    8Bar recently set their newest KRZBERG loose on the streets of Berlin. Follow team riders Axel and Jule as they get down on these 6066 triple butted track machines then pop over to 8Bar for more!



    March 24th

    Rad Race was back this past weekend with their Last Man Standing event out in Berlin. They’re definitely living up to their name with courses like this and the prizes were just as good. Peep this recap from the elimination race and the 8Bar collabo prize below before hitting Rad Race to see what’s next!



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    April 23rd

    Cool flick for the Maikätzchen Alleycat coming up in Hannover, Germany. Promo is clutch so I’m betting the main event should come together nicely…and hoping the recap video is just as proper. More info on the event page if you’re lucky enough to be out in Deutschland!





    April 7th

    Chances are you’ve heard of the epic Fixed Days that takes place in Berlin each year. What you may not have know about is the Beliner Fahrrad Schau trade show that happens along with it. Stepping out of the typical cycling show often overrun by $10,000 road bikes and accessories this one’s just for you. Hoping there are more urban cycling centered events like this to come…in this 5 minute flick you can see it’d be well worth it!



    December 17th

    An epic looking event from the Harbrakers crew out of Germany. What better way to wrap up some goldsprints and a video premiere than with a wild party? Wild.



    March 29th

    Nice imagery from Fahrtwind in this colorless piece. Make me want to roll around and snap some nature flicks. Gotta love the black and white as usual haha.

    January 25th

    Digging what these guys are doing! Some of the ideas (like the curved seatposts) might be debatable as far and functionality…but they’re building some pretty cool looking rides. The integrated light and power source on the bars is sick. You can tell they like what they’re doing and love bikes. Good enough for me.

    October 23rd

    Atleast some of it is in english..

    September 29th

    September 4th

    Now i realize most people dont speak German…but there has undoubtedly been a ton of stuff going on with the legality of fixed wheel bikes in Germany. This bit seems to be explaining what they are, who rides them and so on…with falling tv host and all.