• kris
    April 26th

    Details coming this week on the most recent giveaway with YNOT. One of their new Becket bags  is up for grabs in probably the best instagram giveaway on here so far. Tune in Monday for details!





    February 27th

    For this month’s giveaway (yeah yeah…the month ends tomorrow) Hiplok came through with a sweet Hiplok D to dish out. We’ll be doing a Facebook caption contest this time around to mix things up a bit. All you have to do is “like” the Hiplok and Lockedcog pages and post a caption for the photo. You’ve got a week so don’t sleep…too long.


    December 18th

    I’m kind of a sucker for Christmas. Really. This year when I thought about doing a giveaway it needed to be well worth it. Thankfully the dudes at Unknown thought a brand new PS1 would do nicely. Hop on instagram and follow the instructions below. This one is mad easy.



    1) Post a holiday photo of your ride. ( In front of the tree, with lights, rocking a Santa hat…anything)

    2) Follow and mention @unknownbikes and @lockedcog

    3) We’ll pick and post a winner Christmas day.



    September 12th

    Teamed up with Concept Bikes for this months Instagram giveaway. This month you could have a Concept fork, Titan bars or some tees headed your way. All you have to do is follow the details below:

    – Film at least 5 different clips (lines, alternate angles, weird stuff, etc.) and put them into an edit on Instagram.
    – Follow/mention @conceptbikes @lockedcog #instaline





    January 4th

    Little late on this but if you’ve been wanting a Pfix but don’t have the cash to grab one here’s your chance. Jump on Wheel Talk and leave them a comment stating why you need this beast…if they pick it you win! Definitely worth a shot. Do it.

    March 17th

    Saw this over on Pedal Consumption…a deal that you really shouldnt pass up. New shoes for old shoes and maybe $5 shipping? Ill be sending ’em it as soon as i get home tomorrow. Like Chrome or not, its free shoes!

    In an attempt to let the world know how committed they are to their footwear line, Chrome announces their Turds For Gold Shoe Exchange. For two days only, Chrome will be slinging a new pair of shoes to anyone that sends them a worn-out pair of kicks.

    “There are a lot of great shoe brands out their but few, if any, are made to handle the harsh demands of riding in the city,” says Chrome Marketing Director, Matt Sharkey.

    “Our shoes are built to hold up under the toughest conditions and are designed 100% to address the needs of the everyday city cyclist. Not only did we want to build a shoe that was durable and functional, but we also paid close attention to overall fit and timeless style.”

    The exchange begins on Wednesday, March 17 and ends promptly the next day on Thursday, the 18th. Packages must be post marked by 3/18 to qualify and should include a return shipping address and shoe size info.

    Please ship all packages to:
    Chrome Industries
    Attn: Turds for Gold/Sharkey
    580 4th Street
    San Francisco, CA 94107

    November 1st

    October 2nd