• kris
    March 31st

    After the recent Oakley Crossrange meet we figured we should pick the brain of the man behind the glasses and put together a few quick ones for Chas. He was kind enough to take a few minutes out of his busy schedule to shoot us some pretty solid answers for our first interview in some time…click through for the whole deal!



    (PC: Lucas)


    1. For those who don’t know you, when and what got you started down the road on two wheels?


    Chas: Hey what’s up my name is Chas, I live in San Francisco CA and try to generally shred life as hard as possible.  I have been riding bikes since I was a kid, to and from school, ripping trails on the weekends.  I got seriously into cycling in Portland, Oregon around 2004 when I got my first CX bike and started racing locally.  It was there that came across bike messengers, racing cyclocross races on their track bikes… literally a slippery slope, and after that I was hooked.

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    February 5th

    New Cadence Airflow collection has been floating around the web since yesterday. Makes sense considering how awesome this all looks. Spy collabo on the glasses is just too clutch! More on Cadence.



    March 29th

    I got a little email from the Slurp Lord this morning about a new Slurpcult site and some fresh shades dropping just in time for the Sun to creep out of where its been hiding. The new spot is streamlined and has everything in one place now. Dig the simplicity of the home page with the white background and product placement. East browsing with that nav up top as well. Stay frozen and grab some goods!



    As always the dudes payed super close attention to detail on these glasses. Tie dye and printed bag, hand painted boxes and simple branding on the sides. These come together so perfect and you can get them separately or grab the trinity package if you’re feeling saucy. Gotta grab me some for summer!