• kris
    April 5th

    Really dig these photos from Rhys riding around in Toronto. Quite a bit of diversity giving you a dope look at the city. Check more shots out on his blog or his flickr!

    February 22nd

    I don’t usually dig gopro videos but this one is pretty sweet. Some creative editing with the music rather than just some bike mounted riding around makes this pretty fun. Got me in the mood to ride at least!

    January 31st

    I usually don’t dig the GoPro videos I see but this one from Jonah has some pretty cool angles and tricks in it for sure. Kids got some skillz for sure! Peep game.

    January 29th

    Just in case you want to see what its like racing in a velodrome peep this. If you could care less watch it anyway! Its quite a bit more intense from the first person that you might think. Dig the sling action! Man there’s so much bike rolling around on those boards. Droooolinggg.