• kris
    April 20th

    On a whim I decided to click on the GOrilla bikes link that’s still sliding across the top of Trick Track. I was surprised to see that there’s been updates to the GOrilla site as recent as last week. With a new shop (or redesign?) in Zurich, Switzerland they’re still producing frames as well. I figured their bankruptcy last year would have finished them…but then again being linked to Freitag likely helped. Revolution Cycles will be stocking…Kilroys? Interesting…

    This is the Zurich space…

    Some new logo business with the “GOrilla. Urban Cycling.” branding…

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    April 4th

    Spotted this nice little bit over at John’s place…some solid riding from Wonkas across the ocean almost twin. Ha.

    March 28th

    Sliders are looking good…probably what did that fork in though! Can never go wrong with some fleet foxes either.

    February 26th

    The dudes at iMiNUSD are stocking up on some solid forks as we speak…well type…well converse via the internet.

    Anywho, the shop is going to be the exclusive retailer for the pre-kilroy Gorilla forks. Limited quantity of 20 available and the only way to snatch one is through the iMiNUSD online store. It says price TBD but i did see $99 floatin around.

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    February 15th

    Patrick from gorilla just shot this over…check it! href=” Teaser from FLAT OUT PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

    February 10th

    January 27th

    January 5th

    iMiNUSD your local neighborhood track shop, assuming you live in San Jose, will be getting their hands on some of these bad boys…arguably two of the most awaited fixed freestyle frames thus far. Both can be pre-ordered from the shop though the Scissors will be in by thursday!



    January 1st

    Pretty awesome!

    December 17th

    In case you didnt know.

    I am curious though…whats the case when someone lanky like me decides to ride one of these? SOL because theyre too tall and the sizes too small? I want to know what the majority of trick riders thinks of these once they start getting out there…for now all we have for reference is Wonka and Torey killin it one these…which could be enough in itself to say theyre killer. But still.