• kris
    May 20th

    A nice one here from the Great White North dudes. Speed through the whole thing and some sick spots all around. Dig this one dudes!

    April 17th

    GWN always dishes out the love here on the blog so you know I’m up to checking on their stuff. These videos are so damn fun haha. Some cool creative stuff up in this one dudes. Whats up with that crazy wood spot with the rails?!….so sick!

    this little bside reel was posted in the vimeo description…you know I dig these! Haha.

    June 20th

    The first installment of this went I totally missed…as I usually do when things go up on the weekends. Last friday the newest one went up and I have to be sure to jump on it. Great White North is….well great! Haha. I went ahead and dropped the first one down below as well in case you missed it.

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