• kris
    April 24th

    No matter where you ride…THIS is track bikes. Athen’s is lucky enough to have an Olympic fixture to train on though just a lap would be enough to slap a smile on my face!



    December 30th

    Some raw street riding through Athens coming from the crew at BoxTown Project. A mix of shots and some decent speed keep this one interesting…and has me wanting to head out for a bit!


    February 20th

    Alleycat videos should make a comeback in 2012. This one is a bit long but it sure does show you a lot of Athens, Greece. Some damn nice bikes up in this too!

    June 14th

    I’ve heard of these dudes before but don’t think I’ve ever checked out their site or realized they’re from Greece! If you pop over you’ll see some pretty clean images and some stuff that I can’t read. Haha. Really though…always love seeing track bikes on the streets.

    December 16th

    ATH: Trailer 3 from localathensfilms on Vimeo.

    ATH, the first film project of FIXED GEAR ATHENS has tried to document the experience of riding fixed gear bikes in Athens, Greece. Starring completely amateur riders, its target is to display a side of the city that is not being documented. Athens on a fixed gear bike is no just a poluted, claustophobic, traffic congested metropolis. It is also about colours, seaside, hills, fun and friends staying together. Enjoy.