• MoN
    June 17th

    Anthony Combs was in out here in Portland, OR for a couple days and I got to kick it and ride a little with him while he was chillin with Item-B! Things were all fun until tubes were popping, axles snapping, and motorcycles tipping. None the less tho, the main man at Item-b got some real sick shots in that short time check em out!


    March 25th

    Two super good ones with Christian Hamrick today with the first coming from the Grime dudes. A little bike check spot with a huge feeb ender and a solid breakdown of what he’s running. Dig that long line down those trippy stairs too. Flowed nicely.





    Second one is a little raw street cruising with the Ratpack. Dig the big rail hop and that tooth at the island. Lots of good stuff in this one too…hit Ratpack for more.


    February 13th

    Since everybody is impatient and the Grime dudes love you Shredwell 2 will be available online tomorrow. Happy Valentines day. Ill be buying it and watching it with a big box of chocolates. You should too. Itll be right here!


    February 12th

    After posting that Tollman edit last week I started going through older stuff and rewatching it. This Lawson Grime piece was sick I still remember thinking how next level this was. Devon killing it from the get go in his first Grime bit. Rewatch.



    February 1st

    I had to pull this down as it went up a little early but it looks like its all good now. Grime dudes are going on tour this year and need to call it something. I threw a few things out there but I’m sure yall can come up with something better. If you do you got some Zontrac straps headed your way. Comments are already getting long so I’d jump on there ASAP if i were you. Leave your names right here. I dig this kind of stuff for sureee.


    December 31st

    Ricardo is a media machine! He’s constantly shooting out videos and photos to keep us up to date on whats good in Portugal. Check this reel of his “Best Of” clips from 2012 to get you stoked as we transition into 2013. Chances are you’ve seen most of this if you were paying attention at all this year but regardless there’s some man size rails and ledges in this. Check them again. Grime and Lino finishing off 2012 strong.


    December 19th

    Lino hit me up last week about doing a 3:30 and I couldn’t be more stoked. The series now travels out of the country to visit one of the Grimes most busiest riders. Ricardo puts out a lot of content and keeps things pretty fresh with his own style. He’s working on a little Christmas special for us so you know it’s going to be on point. Check his orange mini GOAT that went up on the Grime site recently along with all his other color variations. Oh and a little teaser flier he made to get you all stoked haha. Check back for him next week on a special day. Stokkked.

    October 12th

    NYC can get brutally cold in the winter so its no surprise that Chari has dropped another multi use winter piece. This beanie doubles as a neck warmer for those especially chilly days. Gotta give it up to them for always bringing the creative cloth! Sick to see Mike on the Chari spot again too. These are available in three colors so swoop if you dig ’em!

    September 24th

    This is going to poop on every FGFS video thats come out so far I’m sure. The footage I saw from this at Ride N Style was off the hook and the Grime dudes and Wheeltalk went ahead and reworked everything with some new footage. If you’re in NYC when this hits make sure you check it out. Chrome is hosting the festivities so with these three you know its going to be bananas.

    July 9th

    Here’s another one I saw yesterday via Instagram…seems to be the quickest way to tease photos and videos these days. Anthony Combs popping over a nice rail down in SJ. I’m still way into that woodgrain decal job on his Grime GOAT. In person it looks about as good as paint! You know Combs got hops and this angle from Matt it too hesh.