• kris
    July 24th

    Teamed up with the homie Nick of Gutter Butter to bring all the freestyle heads a little contest. Details on the flyer below but pretty much post a shot of you or someone doing a grind and follow/mention @gutterbutter @lockedcog & #stayonyogrind. We’ll pick a winner on July 31st and they’ll have three bricks of Gutter Butter, two tees and a couple of button/sticker packs headed their way. Get creative…


    February 29th

    I want to hit this up! Has to be one of the sickest ledge spots I’ve ever seen. That hop to the top down would be so fun!

    January 20th

    Saw this up on Matt Rice’s flickr yesterday. This is another angle of the one you didn’t see on Deal With It or around the interwebbys. Clippers have always looked fun! Sick stuff dudes.

    January 3rd

    Finally got to see Alex’s little bail reel a few minutes ago. I’ve been struggling to get my comp working all day to get this thing up haha. Anywho, some pretty gnarly bails in here and some real sick spots. I dig that rail ro rail over the sign at the end. Pretty fresh!

    March 28th

    Caught this rather fancy photo on the Grime blog. Loving the angle of this and the determination on Ricardo’s face. Looks like a super fun little upper.

    March 28th

    Shane sent this over to me on Saturday and I’m finally back at a computer so here ya go! Look for more from the Schmob dudes on TTV…they’ve been stepping their game up for sure.

    March 14th

    So stoked on this one from Kenny. Lots of grindage in this bad boy with some pretty hefty ledges and rails. Check it. Kenny you should come up to Sac for a couple days!

    April 22nd

    Sorry yall! Getting through a pretty killer week at school…back on the grind with this feeble from the loose nuts flickr.

    January 23rd


    It seems that EVERYONE is there, and I’m stuck here in sunny California. Prolly grabbed this great photo.

    January 19th


    Very nice! Eveyone going pretty huge. About weeks ago some pictures surfaced of the trail glad to see it didn’t disappoint at all.

    A film by Ricky Anthony
    Justin (CONGO) Mitchell
    Derek Joseph (ONE MAN WRECKING CREW) Mull
    Gus (HONDURAN HAMMER) Molina
    Matt (Silky) Spencer
    Richard (MR. GLASS) Baldwin