• kris
    April 11th

    Grinds grinds grinds. I think its funny how apprehensive some of us were to run pegs days ago…now most of us love them. So fun! Some solid stuff right here.

    October 20th

    This is how you barspin just about everything. You want it out of grinds? Check. Into and out of banks? Check. Off drops? Check check. Brad spinning everything. Looks good dude…now i think you should do all of this again with your LDG mini!

    January 10th

    I love these…and this looks sooo clean on a rail. Theres a bit of a controversy between running pegs or not running pegs thats been around for a while. I borrowed a bike recently and threw a plastic peg on there to give it a go. Aside from the ability to grind just about anything and how smooth plastic slides on metal…there wasnt any real advantage as far as ease, not to mention you dont get to hear the sweet sound of metal on metal. Torey has these proper for sure…keep up on WRAHW for more goods.

    September 14th

    Getting gnarly. Grinds are looking real good!


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